Golf Data Lab For Professionals

If you play golf for a living, you need to have the tools at hand to measure and analyse your game properly. No individual can hope to analyse 72 shots per round, 288 shots per tournament, or over 5,000 shots per year, without tailored technical support, and this is what Golf Data Lab provides.

We focus on all aspects of your game, producing objective information, establishing trends and highlighting strengths and weaknesses that the naked eye doesn’t see and the human brain simply cannot compute. In many cases, our programme will highlight areas of your game for improvement you simply hadn’t considered before.

In return for an investment of just five minutes of time, yours or your caddy’s, to record your round, your reports are instantly calculated and available, providing a detailed breakdown of your performance, how it compares with previous rounds, how it compares with your competitors on the same course, and highlighting the areas for improvement.

In addition to the specific performance measurements detailed in the Amateur section i.e.: -

Driving Accuracy to Fairway

Driving Accuracy to Fairway & Semi

Par 3 Accuracy

Greens in Regulation (GIR)

Long Approaches

Medium Iron Approaches

Short Iron Approaches

All Approaches – from 50 yards out

Short Game - all shots up to 50 yards

On-Green Putting Analysis

Scores Database

Scoring Report

Clubs used

Shots type

the professional and elite amateur has the following additional tools: -

Dropped Shots Analysis (DSA)

  • Examining specific reasons for dropped shots
  • Identifying category contributors to DSpR - Dropped Shots per Rd
  • Category targets v Actual
  • Comparisons with European Tour average DSpR (updated weekly following each event)

Missed Greens Analysis (MGA)

  • Reasons for missing Par 4's & 5's
  • Drive v. Approach analysis
  • Identifying specific clubs costing missed GIR
  • Long, Medium & Short Approach analysis

Strike Quality examination

  • by shot type, by Club, by Distance from, by lie

The PROFESSIONAL programme is not exclusively used by Professional golfers only.

Elite amateur golfers within the national squads all use the PROFESSIONAL programme, and many scratch, national academy and category 1 golfers benefit from the greater detail provided.

Only recommended for golfers capable of averaging less than 75 as Scoring Average per Rd, or who are hitting > 10 GIR's (55.6%+), or who can achieve DSpR < 5.50.

Whilst available to everyone, there is more than sufficient expertise in the AMATEUR programme to provide comprehensive measurements and key performance indicators to assist player improvement.

When an amateur has progressed sufficiently, it would be recommended to consider the PROFESSIONAL programme once these benchmark indicators become more common or are achieved.