Golf Data Lab For Coaches

As coaches do not have the time to see every shot their golfer hits, they rely on numbers and client feedback when it comes to actual on-course performance.

With the Golf Data Lab programmes, the technical adviser and coaches get accurate, specific data on all aspects of the game and can home in to specific areas for encouragement, and identify the areas in need of further technical focus.

The programme allows the coach to see exactly what is happening on the golf course in an instant, and allows them to chart progress round by round, week by week, month by month, year on year.

Where appropriate, your golfer will be prompted to allow permission for you, their coach, to access their golf data, which you can view through your own user name and password.

Benefits to the coaches and technical advisers include the following:-

  • Provides actual picture of golfer’s performance
  • Scoring Report and Scores Database for Results indicators
  • KPI’s + DSA, MGA & Strike Quality comparisons for Performance indicators
  • Strengths and Weaknesses illustrated
  • Identifies priority areas for coaching
  • Provides specific areas for encouragement
  • Comparison reports available against other golfers in your “stable” or at an equivalent level
  • Compare v. Tour stats and national/district squads