About Golf Data Lab

Golf Data Lab has a passion for improvement by measurement. We provide our clients with a unique and comprehensive analysis of their games, helping young golfers to develop, and assisting talented golfers to improve further.

By focusing on precise areas of strength and weakness, we give individual golfers a greater understanding of their game and help them maximise their potential.

Golf Data Lab were delighted to be appointed by the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) as exclusive suppliers for their performance data and have worked closely with them thoughout development.

The programmes were tested over three golf seasons by amateurs and professionals. Our work continues to evolve, but we believe we have already anticipated and captured every possibility that can arise in this game, and provide our golfers with the very best in performance measurement tools with the maximum ease of data capture.

Design and testing has been a collaborative effort, bringing together the very best from amateur golf under the auspices of the elite Golf Union in Scotland, with management and design input from a PGA-accredited Master professional, Tour professionals and national coaches including a Major winner.

We are most grateful to the staff and coaches at the SGU for their enthusiasm and support, and for making it possible now to introduce this programme to other golfers throughout the country and across the world.

Thanks are due also to the golfers throughout the UK, professionals and amateurs, coaches, technical advisers and many others involved in the formation, piloting and development of Golf Data Lab. We were fortunate also to receive helpful advice and direction from the R&A.