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It's up to the golfer if he or she wants to perform better. Seriously, it's that simple. If you want to improve, it's down to you.

As soon as you get called to the first tee, you're on your own. The work has been done. Your biomechanist and your swing, short game and putting coaches have given you the technical fundamentals and your psychologist/mentor/performance coach/data and stats analyst have helped you to manage your mind, yourself and your expectations. You have a strategy and a plan. Your movement has been improved through kinesiology and your strength and conditioning and nutritional experts have prepared you to be in the optimum physical condition for this moment. That's a lot of people but ultimately, it's up/down to you as to how you perform and what you score.

And there will be ups and there will be downs. This is a game of never-perfect after all. It's also a game of huge variables, you will be 100% getting up and down one day, 0% the next.

Most specialists in golf help with your practise and preparation. There are less of us who are dedicated to measuring and reflecting. Yet we need data, facts and stats in order to help to shape our practise and focus our minds. As a European Tour winner (including of the "fifth major") client of ours says, "if you're not assessing, you're guessing".

At Golf Data Lab we believe that the "Circle of Golf" interlinks all three functions and that they are interdependent. In order to perform better and find greater consistency, we will have practised hard, practised smart and prepared well. After performing, we reflect and learn what we did right, wrong or indifferent and this shapes the composition of our practise, how we prepare and what we tweak or change for the next time. Our performance measurement platform provides you with what you need to know and was born from decades of experience, centuries in fact when combined with the value added from some of the world-best golfers, coaches and minds who have worked with us over the years and who continue on our journey, who we are proud to call both clients and friends.